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This is basically Messi v Real.  

Liverpool v City


A clear message from Mexico


by Jamie Trecker

MEXICO CITY – The field was carved out of a ravine. The only way in and out was through two long, soaked tunnels. Down the ridge, there are more fields, and then a stream and running paths. You’re surrounded on three sides by steep, sheer walls of rock. Over-sized, rough-hewn “steps” serve as bleachers, echoing the Aztec pyramids.

Impressive? That word doesn’t do it justice. Awe-inspiring is more like it. And if you ever wanted a reminder of the gaps that now exist between the American program and the Mexican, well, this was it. This was La Cantera, home to Mexico City’s UNAM Pumas, and it was where Jurgen Klinsmann’s men went through a light workout Monday in this setting.


And this wasn’t a stadium. It was a practice field. Yes, you read that right.

The care and the attention that UNAM took here isn’t unique. In Mexico, La Cantera is hardly the only top-flight training ground in Mexico – there are at least two dozen others. Here, training grounds are not only built to develop their talent, they are designed to hammer home this message: what you are doing here is important.

Sadly, in the States, we so far have very few places that can send the same message. Sure, there’s Halas Hall for the NFL Bears, any number of classy rinks for top-tier hockey teams throughout North America – but very, very few inspirational sites for soccer. Heck, our Hall of Fame is out of business.

There’s no question that the Americans, overall, have vastly improved. MLS is, as a whole, a technically better league today than it was in 1996; the average American player looks fitter and more adept than the ones we saw as we turned to the 21st century, and the idea that an American can play successfully overseas has long ceased to be a novelty.

What hasn’t changed is our nagging lack of commitment to development.

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…Again, U.S. Soccer, if you are getting the message, your commitment to soccer is half hearted and need to do something about it.

…Thank God, we have, evolved…

For those looking for hope.  

For those that are broken.

For those who thought of church in a different way…

Please watch and pray.

U.S. Soccer...its Crap.

I have been saying for years that the way soccer is played here in the U.S. is terrible.  I have also never agreed with the way high school or college has been coached, and so now it is bringing up the weakness.  The U.S. has wanted to be good in this sport, with out putting the effort into it!  

Whoever reads this and has connections to the top of U.S. soccer, get me there and I can Gauranty that I can get the U.S. a World Cup within a decade if not sooner!