Upper Ninety


Many of you have probably looked at the title and thought of the Nike Vapor boots.  Though I wish it were on that topic, its not. 

This is rather more sobering and doesnt matter what nationality.  The fact is that our life is “but a vapor.”  Matsuda died at 34 years old during a warm up and not even during a game.  For us players we take for granted our health, so long as we are not injury prone.  Every breath we take, every lap we run, every pass we make, and every goal we score must count for something!

We dont know when our lives will end.  Sadly Matsuda’s life ended early.  If you remember about 4 or 5 years back a Peruvian player collapsed on the field of a heart attack during a game!  We just dont know.  None of us are promised tomorrow, and none of us can with 100% accuracy tell me that my eye will open tomorrow morning. 

Dont waste your life.  Play for something bigger than just a game.  Play for something bigger than just money or fame, because you cant take that with you when you die.  Play for a legacy.